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Our industrial design team applies an integral design approach focusing on speed, lower assembly cost, higher quality and sustainability, shorter assembly time, increased reliability and safety.



DFM checklist

1. Part overview

2. Cavity and core impression

3. Slider impression

4. Mould layout

5. Gate location and type

6. Parting lines

7. Draft analyses

8. Part ejection

9. Weak steel

10. Undercuts

11. Part marking/engravings

12. Cooling layout

13. Filling

14. Analysis of wall thickness

15. Weld lines

16. Air traps

17. Mould flow

18. Product-dedicated mould risks

19. Warpage

20. Identify possible quality issues

We use this checklist
consistently for every

Technology Integration

Technology is changing at a faster rate than any time in human history. To take the lead in your industry you need a product development team, which can translate your needs into great products, designed to be manufactured fast and in high volumes to satisfy the market demand. Our team is the right choice for this task.

As your partner, we will deliver the most effective technology and approach to achieve the exceptional level of quality and functionality you need in your new product. Our team of creative engineers applies a methodical approach to achieve the optimum balance between function, reliability and cost. We will help you disrupt your industry by delivering stunning design, new functionalities and next gen ergonomics.

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