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Interactive columns detect people's presence and behavior, creating amazing experience of sounds, lights and movements. The interaction between the viewer and the COLUMNICATION has been happening in the sensitive area of the installation, building up the ambience of emotional connection. Columnication itself is the ideological mirror of the relationship between  people. It represents different levels of communication in various situations. 

Let get involved in this interaction:

How does it work?

The columns spread emissions of ultrasound clouds through the sensitive area in order to receive back information of the surrounding area. A microcontroller inside creates and represents the unique profile of the viewer by changing the shape of the composition, the set of lights and sound of nature. The interaction depends on the distance, movement and number of persons.


Every human being has an individual and unique perception of the surrounding environment and is reacting in different ways. The columns recreate this complex fusion, throughout the interaction between the viewer and Columnication. Our installation creates bonds between technology and art. And this is the most valuable part of the concept because it gives the viewers the opportunity to participate in this piece of art.


Let's Build Interactive Communication with Art

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