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The WellShell

It can sometimes be tough for people to make time for exercise. Maybe they work long days or have to spend too much time sitting at a desk. Perhaps there are other physical limitations that are preventing them from going for a jog or a bike ride. Well now there's TAO to consider as an alternative.


The TAO Wellness fitness program, along with the TAO WellShell, promote a brand of exercise know as Isometrics. Isometric exercises are basically the application of pressure at certain points of the body, for certain lengths of time, and at certain strengths, in order to improve circulation and tone muscles. The WellShell and Tao Wellness system work together to not only present you with Isometic exercises but to create an entire program for you to follow; complete with reps, coaching, and so on. "Variobics(TM)," they call it.


The WellShell will measure and track your progress, then give you the results through the TAO app (coming soon) and allow you to see how far you've come. What's so interesting about it is that the exercises are largely comprised of squeezing the device from various angles - all of which will work different groups of muscles - so there's nothing really holding you back from using it whenever you have a spare moment but can't manage any major physical activities such as running, pushups, and so on.

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